Monday, May 6, 2013

Send a Thank You Gift

No one can ever say thank you enough. Offering gratitude to people is one of the easiest ways to make a person feel great. When you are in need of a thank you gift, our customizable gift baskets at will make your recipient feel as appreciated and noticed. Whether you want to buy a food basket representing your favorite city or you want to fill your own basket,  our customer service representatives are available to help you or you can complete your order online.

We often forget to say thank you to people who give their time and energy to us and the community. Some of the people that would appreciate a favorite city gift basket include people like volunteer coaches, school crossing guards, and greeters at grocery stores. Another great person to thank is your local letter carrier. Leaving a little thank you gift basket in the mail box would truly make your letter carrier feel noticed. If you think about the people who are always smiling and always willing to help, it is easy to create a long list of gift recipients.

The next time that you travel and stay at someone’s house, bring along a gift basket filled with products from your city or from the city you are visiting. If you rent a vacation home or condo, a great way to say thank you is to leave a gift basket filled with the clever products from You could even thank the real estate agent who helped you find your last vacation rental.

If you are in need of fun gifts to give to your wedding guests or your wedding party, gift baskets filled with playing cards, coffee mugs, and key chains really do show them how much you appreciate them. You could also leave gift baskets for your guests who traveled a long distance to be with you on your special day.

Parents often have many people in their lives who could use a special thank you gift. Many families have favorite babysitters. What babysitter would not love a gift basket filled with special snacks and sweets from The next time you hire the sitter, leave the gift basket filled with sweets and treats out so she can enjoy it while you are out on the town. If your child goes to a child care center, you can easily thank the special people who care for your child by surprising them with a foodie gift basket. Child care providers can always use a thank you, and sending a gift basket would truly make their day.

At the other end of the spectrum, when your child graduates from high school and is ready to go to college, you can send a thank you gift basket to your child’s school. High school teachers rarely get thanked for what they do and sending a gift basket with special foods from the location of your child’s next educational adventure lets them know how much you appreciate what they did for your child. We can even send a collection of small gift baskets to individual teachers or support staff if you want to personalize the delivery.

It sure does feel good when someone takes the time to notice the work that you do, so why not reward the people in your life who make a difference, but are not always thanked for it.

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