Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Be Entertained on a Budget in Your Favorite City

Your favorite city may be the town you live in now or it could be your favorite vacation spot. Regardless of where your favorite city happens to be, there are usually a variety of different activities that you can do to keep yourself entertained without spending a fortune. Whether you prefer to get involved in nature or you prefer to watch a play or a sporting event, cities provide so much entertainment for people of all ages at a variety of low prices.

Inexpensive Musicals and Plays    

If you love to watch plays and musicals, most cities have a variety of different ways to see a show. Most people think of large theaters when they think of seeing a play or a musical, but one of the best places to watch a show is at local high schools. Most high schools have theater departments that have at least one production each year. If you are lucky, you might even be able to watch a middle school production, too.

The benefit of watching a school production is that the tickets are usually very inexpensive and the acting is often quite good. The ticket prices usually go to cover the cost of the license to produce the show and the rest goes to improving the budgets of these small theater groups.

Local Theaters with Historic Glory

Another fun way to be entertained is at your local movie theater. Most cities have large chain theaters that show the newest releases. However, many cities also have alternative theaters that show artistic films that do not usually make it to the large corporate theaters. These small theaters are often in revitalized areas and great care has been taken to restore these theaters to their original glory. Many of the shows have ticket prices that are lower than those of the large theaters. Many small theaters have special events, too.

Low Prices for Athletic Events

If you love to watch sporting events, most cities have at least a few options. Minor league baseball and minor league hockey are popular in cities of all sizes and the overlap each other to provide unending options. Minor league teams usually have great ticket prices for individual events and low season ticket prices, too. They often provide fun activities for kids with special giveaways or games during timeouts and transitions. If you have a major league team, look for local specials to get less expensive tickets. If you do not have minor or major league sports, high school sports can be just as entertaining.

Local Bands and Smaller Stages

Every city has musical acts for every style of music. With the high price of tickets to major acts, most people do not get the opportunity to enjoy good music. However, seeing a local band or musical act can easily fulfill any live music craving. Most cities have local restaurants with small stages for local bands and many cities have smaller stages for those who want to enjoy a concert in a smaller venue for a lower ticket price. You just never know what your city has to offer musically until you give it a try; if you do not like the act, you can rest assured that you did not spend much money on the ticket price.

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