Tuesday, May 14, 2013

See Your Hometown with Fresh Eyes

Whether you have lived in your hometown your entire life or you have just recently returned for a visit, looking at your hometown with fresh eyes can make it seem like a new and exciting place. When you take the time to really explore what your city has to offer, you can surprise yourself and learn more about the place that you call your home. All you need to do is visit places that are not a part of your normal routine and you will begin to see what makes your city special.

Visit Local Restaurants

One of the best ways to check out your city and the variety it offers is to spend a week eating local restaurants. Many people get into routines where they go to the same restaurants over and over again. Local restaurants tend to be dynamic places that offer the flavors of the city. If you can visit one local restaurant each night for one week, you have opened your eyes to new people and new places in your city. When you visit those local restaurants, try to only eat food that is grown locally so you really get to see what the urban and rural areas near your home have to offer.

See the Museums

Most cities have some type of museum. Whether you are blessed to live in a city with several museums or you just have a small heritage museum, set aside time to visit. You will be able to learn more about your city’s heritage and you will also see what the tourists who visit your city get to see. If you have children, bring them, too, so they can see what made your city the place that you decided to call home.

Visit the Green Spaces    

After you visit the museums, check out the parks, gardens, and zoos. Your city may not have a zoo, but even the smallest cities have public parks. Try to visit a park that is in a part of town that you normally do not visit, to make a point to see more of your town. If your city has public or private gardens, take time to visit them, especially when the gardens are offering special events. There is nothing wrong with becoming a tourist in your own city, so visit the gardens when they are populated by guests visiting to see the sites.

Find the Boutiques

If you normally do your shopping at malls and chain stores, it is time for you to visit the local boutiques and shops. When you shop locally, more money goes back into your city’s economy and you help create more local shops. You might spend a little bit more to buy locally, but you will also get more personal service that you cannot get in chain stores. The local boutique owners can often find special items that you did not even know existed. You can also get to know more people in your city, which will not happen at the local shopping mall.

When you step outside of your comfort zone, you can see all of the things that your city has to offer. Your city might become your new favorite city, just because you see how much other people love it.

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