Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Great Restaurants in MyFavoriteCity.com

When you are out and about in your favorite cities, it is worth the time and money to visit great restaurants by famous local celebrity chefs. Whether you visit Chicago, New York City, Las Vegas, Miami, or any of the cities in between, there are plenty of phenomenal restaurants full of food that will tickle your senses. These are a few of the best restaurants in some of the best cities around the country:

In Chicago: Frontera Grill, XOCO, and Topolobampo. Master Chef Rick Bayless has three of his excellent restaurants located right next door to each other on North Clark Street in Chicago, Illinois. Frontera serves delicious Mexican fare with a menu that changes monthly based on food that is in season; the restaurant is casual and comfortable. Topolobampo also serves Bayless’s signature flavorful Mexican cuisine, but the restaurant is more refined and upscale. The little sister, XOCO, is the quick serve café that provides amazing street food to diners who are in more of a hurry, but still want the flavors of the sit-down restaurants.

In New York City: Per Se. This highly rated and extremely popular restaurant is the child of Thomas Keller. The restaurant chooses food that is in season in nine small courses that Keller and the chef-de-cuisine create each day. Frequent visitors are able to have different experiences each time that they visit. The nine courses consist of the choice of a vegetable tasting menu, a chef’s tasting-menu, or a salon menu prepared in unique and delicate ways so that the flavors will pop.

In Las Vegas: Craftsteak. Tom Colicchio has expanded his line of Craft restaurants all the way across the country with Craftsteak in both Las Vegas and Foxwoods. The Las Vegas restaurant makes its home in the MGM Grand Resort and the restaurant features a menu that focuses on the simple pleasures of well-prepared meat, grains, and desserts. Like many fine dining establishments, the menu changes regularly since Colicchio is devoted to serving only the best cuts of meat, the freshest seafood, and the healthiest grains.

In New Orleans: NOLA. No list of celebrity restaurants would be complete without Emeril Lagasse on the list. While he has many restaurants in top cities around the United States, Emeril and New Orleans are synonymous. His NOLA restaurant is casual and funky, just like he is and the food is just as fun. The food at NOLA is solidly Creole with great spices and enough flavor to make guests want to shout, “Bam!”

In Los Angeles: Café Firenze. Top Chef fan favorite Fabio Viviani’s authentic Italian restaurant is a favorite of those who appreciate centuries old recipes served with love. The menu is full of comfort food inspired by his childhood in Florence. Whether you choose homemade pastas or well-flavored steaks, you will find something delicious to eat at Café Firenze.

In Washington, DC: Art and Soul. Comfort-food chef extraordinaire Art Smith is the chef and owner of Art and Soul in the nation’s capital city. This restaurant is full of southern flavor with hearty dishes that include staples like grits, hoecake, and tasty mac and cheese alongside elegant meats, cheeses, and salads.

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