Monday, May 6, 2013

Creative Decorating

People are always looking for unique ways to decorate their living spaces and their work environments. One of the most unique ways to decorate a space is with memorabilia from the locations where you have traveled.
Educational Play Room

One of the most challenging rooms in the house to decorate is the children’s playroom. Parents find it challenging to keep the room easy to clean and full of brightness and light. Children can often be rough on the walls and flooring, so many parents do not want to spend too much money, but they want the room to look great. One way to make the room fun and educational at the same time is to cover the walls with maps and post cards. If you put the maps and post cards at or near eye-level, children will begin looking for the places they read about in books, see on television, or visit on family vacations.

Decorating with Postcards and Maps

When you are decorating with postcards and maps, you have plenty of options for presenting them.
Postcards can be from places that you have already traveled or places that you wish you could visit. They could be framed individually or you could create a collage for a big poster frame. Some families will use maps and postcards as actual wallpaper sticking them directly to the surface of the wall. Some families include puzzles of maps or skylines with the other travel related items.

Souvenir Showcases

If you are looking for a fun way to showcase the special places your family has visited, you can figure out a way to show off the souvenirs you have collected over the years. Many stores sell attractive shelving units that are easy to install and keep clean. The shelves could showcase items collected by year, by location, or by person. If you collect plates from locations that you have visited, you could easily purchase plate hangers that are easy to install on the walls. When you purchase items from your vacations, you do so to remember the special time that you spent with each other; showing off the collection is a great way to remember the vacation.

Alternatives to Tchotchkes

If you are someone who hates to dust the little tchotchkes that can accumulate quickly, there is something you can do about it. Instead of showing of the souvenirs and building clutter, you can photograph the souvenirs and make an interesting wall of things you have collected on your travels. You could photography souvenirs in the shops or you could create a themed wall of vacation photos. Some people love to pose in front of hotel signs, national park signs, or “welcome to” signs. Others might be sure to collect pictures of their loved ones at the beach or in the airport. If you do decide to build a collection of photographs, be sure to show them off. There are many products that make it easy to have photos enlarged without spending a fortune.

Decorate the Small Spaces

Bathrooms are other good choices for decoration with travel themed items. If you fill your bathroom with travel themed items, you give people something to look at while they are in that room. Basements and offices also make good showcases for your collection of items, too.

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