Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Send a Welcome Basket

People are proud of their cities. Whether people live in a small town or a major city, people understand the sense of identify that location brings to them. There are many ways to share your love of your city and one of the best ways is to give gifts that show all that your city has to offer. Fortunately, is here to meet your gift giving needs.

Recruit Companies to Your City

City officials often recruit businesses to set up shop in their area with a big welcome basket full of goodies from their town.  They do this because many companies choose their location based on what the city has to offer. City officials often try to recruit companies to move into their cities and the gift baskets at have the goods that will get business owners excited about the possibilities of locating in a new city. For example, if city officials are trying to lure business professionals, they can send baskets full of local spices, coffee, and candy. They can also send gift baskets full of books and other city-related gifts like coffee mugs, historical maps, and playing cards.

Businesses Recruit Clients and Employees

In the same vein, businesses can use city related gift baskets to recruit employees or clients. When businesses need to recruit employees from across the country, sending a friendly gift basket loaded with goodies that represent what the city has to offer is a great way to bring in new talent. The same can be done to recruit clients to come and use business services.

Surprise Your Spouse with a Gift Basket

Men and women who are looking for creative ways to send gifts can use the gifts and souvenirs available at Let’s say that a husband wants to surprise his wife with a long vacation in South Florida. Instead of just telling her that they are going on vacation in Florida, he could arrange for a gift basket with items from South Florida. When she opens the gift basket full of Florida gifts like sweet chocolates made in Florida, a plush gator, and a useful Florida coffee mug, she will wonder why she received such a gift. Then, the husband can surprise her with the tickets and hotel reservations to make the gift even sweeter.

Thank Your Favorite Teacher

At the end of the school year, a city gift basket from makes a great gift to give to a
favorite teacher. Since teachers devote their career to teaching the children in the city, it is thoughtful to give a city gift to a teacher who is proud of where she teaches and where she lives. Teachers love gifts of coffee or tea, books and maps, and local delicacies. Instead of a gift card, a city gift will leave a lasting memory and will show the teacher that you appreciate the job that was done.

Cities all over the country have so many unique characteristics. Whether the city has a bustling downtown area full of shops and restaurants or the city is full of green urban parks, a gift basket from is a great way to share the pride you have in your city.

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