Saturday, April 13, 2013

Destination Specific Welcome Gift Baskets

Gift baskets often make for the best gifts, when you’re not quite sure what to get but do want something substantial that makes a good impression. The great thing is that gift baskets are flexible; you can create a gift basket for anyone, and for any occasion. You can create a thank-you gift basket, a sorry gift basket, a birthday gift basket, and even a welcome gift basket, with equal ease! Another great thing about gift baskets is that you can be creative and make gift baskets around specific themes - like food and drink, or fashion and accessories, or beauty products, or anything else you like. You can also have baskets themed around a certain place, person or idea – like city or country specific baskets, or gift baskets themed around a music band!

There are so many occasions to which a welcome gift basket can add a nice touch and make for a lovely gift.
They are a great way to welcome someone and make them feel at home, whether it is for a houseguest who is visiting you for some time, for a new colleague who has joined your company, or simply because someone you care about is back from somewhere! They also make for wonderful housewarming gifts, as you can include several little things in them.

Like all gift baskets in general, welcome gift baskets can be customized depending on who they are for, your budget, the theme etc. Destination specific welcome gift baskets can include things from particular city. They can be a particularly great idea for welcoming someone into a new city, and can include local goodies of all kinds. Imagine checking into a hotel while on holiday to find a lovely gift basket containing tasty local treats, souvenirs and local guides and maps waiting for you.

Local maps and information can be particularly useful in destination specific welcome baskets. This is because welcome baskets are usually given to welcome someone, and therefore at the beginning of their stay. Local guides and maps, along with information about attractions etc. can prove to be quite useful.

Welcome gift baskets can also make for great gifts for a baby shower. Simply include things for baby and parents and make a wonderful little gift basket. Add a local touch to the gift compilation to make it a themed baby welcome basket!

There are countless ways in which you can create lovely welcome baskets that are city or country specific. The key is to keep an open and creative mind and include things that work well together and suit the occasion. There are also professional companies like, which specialize in city specific gift baskets and can make welcome gift baskets for you no matter what the occasion.

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