Saturday, April 20, 2013

Great Themed Gifts for Grads

Millions of American high school and college seniors will be walking the stage in the coming month, and what better way to celebrate their achievement than with a themed gift basket? Many of these soon-to-be high school and college grads are wrapping up their last few months at home. Some will be moving away for the first time to head to schools in different towns and, in some cases, in different states.

A lot of college grads will be relocating for the first time since they started at their university four years ago. For those grads that are headed to a new place, give them something to celebrate with a gift basket containing local items to give them a “taste” of the place that they will soon be calling home.

The gift baskets at contain everything from photo books and memorabilia to local sweets and treats, many of which are difficult to get hold of in other parts of the country. Whether it’s Texas hot sauce, some Ghirardelli chocolate and a bottle of wine from California, or some tasty New York treats straight from the big apple, there is something to please everyone in this fun and unique gift baskets.

Grads will love getting a chance to sample some of the local flavor, especially as they gear up for their big moves at the end of the summer. But why let the fun stop there? While they’re working hard, or so we hope, why not send them a little treat from back home? Help stave off the homesickness with a variety of gifts showcasing their hometown that they can share with friends—although they may not want to!

If you’re a college grad about to part ways with your college friends, you may be looking for a way to keep up those connections you’ve built over the past several years. Sure, you always have Facebook to keep in touch, but sometimes a personalized gift can go a long way to reminding your friends how awesome they are. Even if you’re in different cities, you can send a gift basket from your new home base to share a bit of your life with them. With any luck, you’ll entice them to visit sooner rather than later.

You can even design your own gift box or basket. With a simple request form you can ask that other items be added to the basket, even if they aren’t usually kept in stock. That way you can personalize the gift, adding some of your grads favorite local items, whether it’s a type of local candy that’s hard to find elsewhere or a T-shirt showing your local pride.

It is both exciting and bittersweet when high school and college grads go off into the great, wide world. Parents of grads are likely to experience empty nest syndrome, while grads may feel a little bit intimidated and overwhelmed living on their own for the first time. Send a gift basket to help ease their transition and to put a smile on their face.

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