Friday, April 26, 2013

Buying Guide: Corporate Gift Baskets

One of the nicest things that corporations can do for clients, other companies, and employees is to send gift baskets. Gift baskets with city or state themes can help clients and companies to think about your company and the area of the country that your company represents. By sending a corporate gift basket, your clients will think of your company when they hear your home state or city.

Discount Code

At, we have a corporate gift basket program that provides a 10% discount for our corporate clients who are interested in sending personalized city gifts. The program is free for corporations to participate in, but the discount does come with a few different rules.

We ask a representative from you corporation to call us at 800-285-1880 to sign up for the program. When you call, we will ask a few questions so that we can see if you qualify. Once we approve you, you will receive a special, unique discount code that you can use when you order online. The code will arrive via email in three days. You will need to use the discount code each time that you order, so it is important to keep that code in a safe location and it only applies to gift baskets, not individual items.

Share with Your Employees

Once you have your corporate discount code, it is up to you how many people you want to share the code with so employees can enjoy the code. The code is useful for any gift basket purchases, whether the purchase is for business or personal gifts.

We do ask that a few rules are followed. The first rule is that only active employees may use the code; we ask that you do not share it with anyone outside of the company. The only purchases can be made online at and buyers must use their credit card for the purchases. At the time of checkout, buyers need to use the discount code and the discount will be applied to the price listed on the website. We do not discount shipping and taxes, just the price of the gift basket itself. We do reserve the right to end the program at any time.

Assistance with Ideas

If you need assistance learning about how to use our gift baskets for marketing purposes, our customer service specialists can help you. Otherwise, when you explore our website, you will see that we have ideas already packaged so you do not have to think too much about the perfect gift basket for your needs.
Many of our corporate groups use certain gift baskets for special needs. They use our Thank You Gift Baskets when they want to thank customers for referrals or big purchases. They often will send Welcome

Gift Baskets when they welcome a new client, employee, or subsidiary to the fold. They will also send small Welcome Gift Baskets to hotel rooms when they are hosting special events. If your company hosts seminars and guest speaker events, small gift baskets are nice ways to make guests and speakers feel welcome.

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